Monday, March 27, 2017

April Events

April Events

Monthly Mission Focus
30 Hr Famine- This month CYU is raising money with World Vision to help those who are suffering from starvation. April 28-29 will be the official event where the youth spend 30 hours without food. They will learn more about what it means to be hungry vs. starving.
April Events
April 2- Worship Service at 10:30, Sunday School at 9:15
April 5-  Confirmation 6:30pm
                 - Lent Worship 7:30pm
April 9- Worship Service at 10:30am, Sunday School at 9:15am
April 11- Council Meeting 7:00pm
April 12- CYU 6:00pm
April 13- Maundy Thursday Worship Service 7:30pm
April 16- BREAKFAST 7:30am WORSHIP 9:00AM
               - Bormann Manor Service- 2:00pm
April 19 - Confirmation 6:30
April 23-Worship Service at 10:30
, Sunday School at 9:15
                   - CONFIRMATION SUNDAY                 
April 24-26- Pastor at Prairie Pastor's Conference
April 26- CYU 6:00pm
April 28-29- 30 HOUR Famine

April 30- Worship Service at 10:30
, Sunday School at 9:15
               - Worship led by Portland Mission Team- Offering for Mission Team

Office Hours
Pastor Stephanie
          Monday and Thursday 9am-12pm
          Friday 9am-12pm

If you would like a pastoral visit, please contact Pastor Stephanie.